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Paese Nanorevit Intensive Repair Hand Serum

رمز المنتج: 5902627619168

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غير متوفر في المخزون

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This intensely repairing serum provides immediate relief to dry and damaged hands. Its creamy formula is quickly absorbed and leaves a gentle protective film.

After a week of regular use, your hands will be smooth and delicate.

To restore your skin balance, you need to provide it with nutrients that will rebuild its natural microbiome – that’s why we have enriched our serum with:

  • Nanoparticles with blackcurrant seed oil – rich in EFAs (essential unsaturated fatty acids) that are crucial in proper skin functioning. They not only protect your skin from external factors but also reduce redness.
  • Phytosoothe® – speeds up the recovery of a healthy microflora after skin barrier damage.
  • Karite butter – soothes, softens, and enhances moisture as well as elasticity of dry skin.
Our product
  • rich in active ingredients
  • creamy formula
  • suitable for all skin types



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